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Carrier Oils

Words: Danielle Williams
Photo Credit: Susan Ilka Tuttle

As vegetable oils derived from the fatty portion of plants, carrier oils are crucial when making homemade bath and body products. They are used to dilute essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, and other concentrated aromatics to “carry” them to your skin. If undiluted, these ingredients may cause harmful reactions on your skin, like burns, redness, and irritations, because of how potent they are in their natural state.

About Carrier Oils

There are several types of carrier oils to choose from when making your recipes. Each one has different benefits and properties, so it’s important to take a look at what you need from your carrier oil before making your selection. You can even combine more than one carrier oil to customize your skin-care needs.

You’ll want to take the odor into account, as some carrier oils have a specific scent to them that might interfere with the recipe you’re making. You also want to consider how the skin absorbs the oil, what your skin type is, and the shelf life of the oil. When purchasing your ingredients, look for therapeutic-grade carrier oils from a manufacturer you trust — oils that are cold-pressed, pure, and additive- or preservative-free. To get you started, we came up with a list of our favorite carrier oils and included a couple of highlights for each.

Top 10 Most Popular Carrier Oils

  • 1. Coconut Oil: moisturizes; for dry skin and hair
  • 2. Jojoba Oil: improves complexion and moisturizes; for all skin types
  • 3. Grapeseed Oil: treats oily/acne-prone skin; for all skin types
  • 4. Sweet Almond Oil: softens; for all skin types
  • 5. Olive Oil: moisturizes and rejuvenates, with strong scent; for dry and mature skin
  • 6. Avocado Oil: contains high vitamin content and is thick; for all skin types
  • 7. Argan Oil: moisturizes and soothes acne; for all skin types
  • 8. Apricot Kernel Oil: absorbs quickly, with little scent; for dry, sensitive, and mature skin
  • 9. Rosehip Seed Oil: treats dry, irritated skin, as well as scars; for dry and mature skin
  • 10. Safflower Oil: soothes dry, inflamed skin; for sensitive skin

Want to learn more about effectively using carrier oils in your bath and body recipes? Check out our Willow And Sage magazine, where you can find countless recipes, techniques, and tips on elevating your rituals and routines.

Danielle Williams is the managing editor for Willow and Sage, The Natural Home Issue, Mingle, and Art Quilting Studio. She lives with her growing family in Orange County, California.

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