A Glimpse Inside Willow and Sage Spring 2020

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Glimpse Inside Willow and Sage Spring 2020

We can’t wait for you to dive into our Spring 2020 Issue filled with floral recipes, sweet packaging ideas, natural alternatives, and more! This inspiring issue will encourage you to embrace to renewal of Spring, rejuvenate your skin-care routine, and prioritize self-care đź’—

All-Natural Spring Cleaning Checklist

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All-Natural Spring Cleaning Check-List

Words: Danielle Williams
Photo Credit: Featured in The Natural Home Issue

As January ends and the calendar moves closer to daylight saving time and warmer days, I have spring cleaning on my mind. A week or so ago, we finished a special edition of Willow and Sage that focuses on keeping your home neat and tidy without harmful chemicals. It’s called The Natural Home Issue, and our team had a blast putting it together. We also learned new facts and methods for cleaning that we can’t wait to share with you.

To help prepare for spring cleaning, here’s a quick list of the tools you’ll need to make and use the all-natural recipes featured in the issue. It’s a simple list, and most of the items are probably already in your cabinets. In addition to Castile soap and essential oils, invest in high-quality glass spray bottles and airtight jars, because white vinegar, alcohol, and essential oils all maintain their beneficial properties in glass containers. I hope you join our nontoxic adventure!

Best of 2019: Memorable Moments from Willow and Sage’s Social Media

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Best of 2019: Memorable Moments from Willow and Sage's Social Media

2019 was a special year for us here at Willow and Sage! We celebrated our 5th birthday, announced the upcoming Natural Home Issue, and shared countless skin-care tips, recipes, & more! Come along as we take a look back at some of our favorite moments of 2019…

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