11 Secret Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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The “it” oil of the moment, coconut oil, is one product with multiple skin care benefits for soothing and moisturizing all skin types. Keep reading to see the free infographic from Willow and Sage Winter 2015, where we share 11 ways coconut oil acts as a skin care superhero, keeping you nourished from head to toe!

The Benefits of Coconut Oil Infographic

  1. 1) Lather it on your legs before shaving.
  2. 2) Ditch the drugstore and use it as eye cream, makeup remover, a facial cleanser, lip balm, and even as toothpaste.
  3. 3) Put a spoonful or two in a bath to soften skin.
  4. 4) Get rid of dandruff by rubbing a little into your scalp.
  5. 5) Rub a bit into your cuticles to stimulate nail growth.
  6. 6) Soothe a sunburn with a little dab of oil.
  7. 7) Keep your feet sandal ready by applying it to your cracked heels.
  8. 8) Treat acne and eczema with a dab or two rubbed into the trouble spot(s).
  9. 9) Mix with a touch of sugar to make a skin softening scrub.
  10. 10) Beat body odor by using it as a natural deodorant.
  11. 11) Tame that frizzy hair.

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Discover more about coconut oil, plus unique infographics, recipes, and ideas, inside every issue of Willow and Sage.

Do you use coconut oil in your bath and body routine? Share a comment below and let us know!

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6 thoughts on “11 Secret Ways to Use Coconut Oil”

  1. Yes, I like using olive or coconut oil on my legs, so when we travel, I pack coconut oil which is more condensed with less chance of leakage. The bonus is when we have a grill available with a vacation condo, we can use a little on the grill instead of buying a spray. The cat we used to have knew my bedtime routine and would wait by the bathroom door for his coconut oil snack!

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