Repurposing Essential Oil Bottles

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Repurposing Essential Oil Bottles

Words: Danielle Williams
Photo Credit: Enthusiast Studio

With essential oils and diffusers trending in popularity, you’re bound to find yourself wondering what to do with the empty oil bottles. Here are a couple ideas to kickoff your creativity and tips to repurpose these versatile vessels. For more ideas, check out the upcoming Spring 2019 Issue of Willow and Sage!

Nighttime Sleep Spray

Insomnia and trouble falling asleep plagues many people, and a quick stretch and mist of sleep aid spray might help you drift off to sleep quicker. Essential oils like lavender, orange, and Roman chamomile are great options for the following recipe.

You Will Need:

Essential oil

15 ml. essential oil bottle, empty

Distilled/Boiled water

Epsom salt (optional)

Spray top

To Make:

Add two to three drops of essential oil to an empty, sterilized essential oil bottle. Use distilled water or water that’s been boiled and cooled to fill the remaining bottle. Add a pinch of Epsom salt, if desired. Screw on a spray top and gently shake the bottle to combine. To use, lightly spray onto pillow before bed.


Decongestant Salts

With springtime allergies around the corner and lingering cold and flu season germs, clogged sinuses can severely alter your day and mood. Make the following smelling salt recipe to help decongest your sinus passages and refresh your mind.

You Will Need:

Epsom salt

15 ml. essential oil bottle, empty

Essential oil

To Make:

Pour Epsom salt into an empty, sterilized essential oil bottle. Add four drops of essential oil. Screw cap back on and shake well to combine. To use, unscrew cap, hold bottle to nose, and inhale deeply. Repeat as needed.


  • Before using regularly, make sure to test the recipes on a small patch of skin.
  • Unless utilizing the last bits of oil, it’s important to clean out the bottles so no essential oil remains. After removing any labels and the cap, let the bottle soak in hot, soapy water for an extended period of time. To be extra sure the bottles are thoroughly cleaned, run them through the dishwasher to sterilize, and then let them dry completely before using.

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Danielle Williams is the assistant senior managing editor for Stampington & Company. She lives in Costa Mesa, California, with her husband, Casey, and opinionated cat, Holly Golightly.

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