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Words: Danielle Williams

For those of us who sit in an office or at a computer for over six hours a day, stretching and exercising often feels like an evasive task on the to-do list. It’s easy to start an assignment one minute and, the next time you look at the clock, a couple hours have disappeared. To combat this, I aim to take a stroll outside my office building every morning.

Ideally, I walk, breathe deeply, and empty my mind for about 10 minutes, but any available time you have is beneficial.When I set aside time to do this, I’ve noticed how much better my body and mind feels throughout the day and evening. I am more energized, feel less bloated and out of shape, and have a clearer mindset, making me more productive and cheerful in the office.

Walking is only one example to jumpstart your body and mood. Below are a few suggestions for bringing awareness and self-care practices into your work environment:

● Easy yoga poses. A quick Google search will show you countless yoga poses you can do in your desk chair or standing next to your desk. Take five minutes to develop your own routine.

● Essential oil diffuser. For a calming, stress-free atmosphere, set up a diffuser on or near your desk and use a subtle oil blend. Make sure to check with your surrounding coworkers first.

● Tea and a decorative mug. Stash a box of your favorite tea blend and a pretty mug so you can make yourself a soothing cup whenever you’re feeling sluggish.

● Quick pampering. After making a body lotion, body butter, or lip balm recipe from Willow and Sage, store some in a small container and bring it to the office for a simple pick-me-up throughout the day.

Do you have any go-to activities to help you through the work day? Share them in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Bringing Self-Care to the Workplace”

  1. I have worked office jobs for decades, which required sitting, bending and typing all day. After a car accident that resulted in back surgery I found myself constantly taking prescription ibuprofen to overcome pain enough to concentrate on my work. Thanks to my supportive husband I was able to quit my last office job and take two part-time library positions. Being upright and moving constantly through my work days has resulted in much less pain so I hardly need any medication at all. Moving on a regular basis is so important.

  2. Even in the out of the way, rough and tumble pubs of the Highlands, tea is served upon a tray, with a fancy cup and saucer accompanied by a pot of piping hot water, a little pitcher of cream, a bowl of sugar and a silver spoon. After a trip to Scotland, I brought to work an English teacup and saucer, a silver spoon and a tray. Each morning I made a ritual of heating up a pot of water and treating myself to tea in the proper British style ~ English breakfast tea (I like Trader Joe’s best), a wee bit o’ sweetener and a splash o’ milk. People would walk by a comment on my fancy setup. There’s just something soothing in a creamy cup of morning tea.