Can an Essential Oil Make You Smarter?

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Words: Jana Holstein

Is there anything essential oils can’t do?

Easing pain, healing wounds, improving sleep, reducing stress … the list goes on. But can essential oils really make you smarter? Improve your focus? Today, we try to uncover the potential brainpower behind Rosemary Essential Oil. 

Favorite Ways to Wind Down

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I don’t think we can stress enough how important it is to take time for yourself.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to carve time out of our week to take a step back and just relax. It’s important to get away for a moment every once in a while.

11 Secret Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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The “it” oil of the moment, coconut oil, is one product with multiple skin care benefits for soothing and moisturizing all skin types. Keep reading to see the free infographic from Willow and Sage Winter 2015, where we share 11 ways coconut oil acts as a skin care superhero, keeping you nourished from head to toe!

10 Essential Oils to Avoid Wearing in the Sun

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Words: Jana Holstein
Photo Credit: Pete Bellis

Essential oils are in many skincare products these days. And it makes sense why; the healing powers they hold are endless. From healing cuts and scars, to treating acne and eczema, there’s an essential oil for just about everything. While they are extremely beneficial, it is very important to note which ones to avoid when you’re about to enjoy a day in the hot sun.

6 Everyday Ingredients to Get Your Skin Glowing This Summer

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Ah, endless summer. While we love all of the sunnin’ and funnin’ that comes with this season, it’s important to remember to treat your skin to much-needed TLC to prevent damages, dryness, and early onsets of aging. We’ve rounded up six everyday, affordable ingredients from past Willow and Sage issues that you might not know are seriously incredible at giving your skin a refreshed boost. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

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