The Benefits of Using Natural Candles

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Blue Spruce Candles by Kristy Doubet Haare

Blue Spruce Candle by Kristy Doubet Haare

When it comes to relaxation, is there any better way to create a cozy atmosphere than with a candle? The warm golden glow. The soft, flickering shadows. The delicious aromas.

In preparation for The Candle Issue, we’ve burned through more than our fair share of candles, and without a doubt, our favorites are those made with natural ingredients. If you’ve not already switched to natural candles, don’t wait any longer. There are so many benefits that you’ll never want to go back.

Using Essential Oils to Ease Headache Pain

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Words: Danielle Williams

Photo Credit: Christin Hume

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of experience dealing with various types of headaches. I’ve tried going to the doctors, pain medications, cool washcloths — you name it. After feeling quite frustrated, it dawned on me to give all-natural remedies a try. As I researched different options, essential oils stood out to me; they are known to provide relief, aid circulation, and reduce stress all at the same time.

Headaches typically fall into one of four categories: migraine, tension, sinus, or sugar. And each category can be treated with essential oils to ease the pain. A migraine is often caused by insomnia, stress, anxiety, or hormonal changes, while a tension headache usually comes from stress or strain. A sinus headache occurs when the nasal passages become clogged and cause pressure to build up within your sinuses, and a sugar headache comes from low blood sugar levels.

Your Guide to Handmade Bath and Body Gifting

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This year Willow and Sage wants to help you prepare for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

With fresh inspiration from our friends at Bramble Berry, we got an early start making DIY holiday packaging for creative ways to gift their luxurious recipes:

1. Lingonberry Spice Cold Process Soap – Get the recipe at
2. Handmade Cashmere Soap – Get the kit (recipe included!) at
3. Wild Rose Floral Bath Salts – Get the recipe at
4. Pumpkin Bubbling Bath Truffles – Get the recipe at

Bramble Berry specializes in high quality, handcrafted supplies. Their products are sourced from around the world providing makers with a wealth of options. Bramble Berry is also one of our favorite, go-to sources for handmade gifting. Do yourself a favor and stop by their Gifting Hub for DIY inspiration that will last you throughout the season! It’s the perfect resource for a creative and stress-free holiday.

And now without further ado …

Today, we’re going to show you 12 ways to creatively package these amazing recipes and elevate your gift-giving this holiday.

A Glimpse Inside: Willow and Sage Winter 2019

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With the holiday season approaching quickly, treat yourself or a friend to the abundance of self-care recipes featured in our winter issue. With colorful and seasonal produce abounding, Willow and Sage makes it easy to naturally prepare your skin for the cold weather.

This issue will be available on newsstands from November to January, but today we’re giving you an exclusive look inside!

The Art of Candle Making

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The Candle Issue by Willow and Sage

Candles provide the perfect excuse to slow down and get cozy indoors.

The makers of Willow and Sage want to introduce you to their special interest publication devoted to the art of candle making. The Candle Issue has everything you need to get your creative juices flowing.

This illuminating edition features over 20 candle recipes, the lowdown on the various types of waxes and wicks, tips to keep candles burning longer, creative ways to dress up your candle holders, and so much more!

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