The Danger Zone: Cats & Essential Oils Don’t Mix!

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Words: Jana Holstein

Photo Credit: Mikhail Vasilyev

I love using essential oils, but recently a friend freaked out when she was over while I was working with cinnamon oil. I have two cats and she’d read that some essential oils are toxic to cats.

Animals have heightened senses and inhaling essential oils can be bad news for them. They can also be consumed by licking or eating, or absorbed through the skin.

The Hidden Benefits of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes + DIY Brush Cleanser

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Unwashed makeup brushes provide a place bacteria like to hang out, and they can clog your pores and dull your skin. Luckily, we’re sharing a DIY Brush Cleanser that uses simple, natural ingredients you may already have at home.

DIY Henna How-To

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Learn how to create your own gorgeous henna tattoos using all-natural ingredients.

Using henna is an amazing way to create beautiful, temporary tattoos. Whether it’s for artistic exploration, self-expression, or celebration, henna tattoos are both fun to apply and beautiful to look at.

The Best Natural Ingredients for a Glowing Smile

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Get whiter teeth without chemicals or bleach.

Whitening your teeth can be a great addition to your regular beauty routine. Partly because coffee and wine can leave your pearly whites less than pearly, but also because taking care of your smile is a wonderful way to care for your emotional well-being.

If you’re looking for natural alternatives to traditional whitening products, which can create sticky messes and aggravate sensitive teeth, here are the two best ingredients you can use.

A Glimpse Inside: Willow and Sage Summer 2018 + Win a Free Issue!

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Summer is the perfect season for living outdoors and soaking up the sun.  The Summer 2018 issue of Willow and Sage has everything you need to update your routine — using all natural  ingredients.

The summer issue hits newsstands May 1st, and today we’re giving you an exclusive look inside.

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