Springtime Spotlight: Face Masks

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Springtime Spotlight: Face Masks

Words: Danielle Williams
Photo Credit: Mountain Rose Herbs, Willow and Sage, Spring 2019

Face masks are an ever-growing trend, and I’m all about them. When it comes to self-care activities, applying a face mask and relaxing with a book is my all-time favorite option. It’s manageable to find 20 minutes within my schedule once or twice a week, and I devote this time to making my skin feel better and renewing my mind. There’s something about the cooling sensation of the mask working that lifts my spirit.

There are countless types of face masks, and I indulge in them all. Sheet masks, clay masks, bubbling masks, peel-off masks — you name it, I’ve tried it. Each week, I apply my favorite one: a restorative mask made with kaolin clay and collagen. It tightens my sensitive skin while leaving it feeling refreshed. I look forward to this time knowing I’m investing in a beneficial practice.

On today’s beauty market, there is a mask for every skin type and skin issue. It’s easy to spend too much on too many products. Before buying, make sure to do your research and figure out what your skin needs. If you’re interested in adding sheet masks to your routine, check out the Spring 2019 Issue of Willow and Sage. Mountain Rose Herbs provides an in-depth look at making an eco-friendly reusable sheet mask. In a last attempt to convince you of my love for face masks, here are my top three reasons to give them a shot.

Top Three Reasons to Try Face Masks

Rest: While balancing a hectic schedule, it’s difficult to slow down without feeling guilt. Applying a face mask and sitting down to read, meditate, or close your eyes will help you feel renewed and productive as your skin benefits from the healthy nutrients.

Glow: Face masks give you glowing skin by hydrating and brightening, among other things. Working them into your routine is a helpful springtime practice when skin is often dry and dull after harsh winter weather.

Cleanse: Each day, your face is covered in makeup, sweat, oil, and impurities. Applying a face mask is a great way to remove dirt and unclog pores. This is particularly beneficial for acne-prone skin.

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Danielle Williams is the assistant senior managing editor for Stampington & Company. She lives in Costa Mesa, California, with her husband, Casey, and opinionated cat, Holly Golightly.

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  1. I have been reading all of the benefits of xylitol and would like to make an exfoliating face scrub similar to that of a sugar scrub. Do you have any ideas as to what sort of base I should use to get the proper consistency?