3 Nourishing Apple Skin-Care Recipes

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3 Nourishing Apple Skin-Care Recipes

Did you know apples aren’t only nutritious to eat, but they’re nourishing for your skin too? They contain acids that can brighten the skin and promote natural exfoliation. Just in time for apple season, we’re sharing a few favorite recipes you’ll want to add to your skin-care routine!

Luxurious Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Recipe

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Words: Danielle Williams
Photo Credit: Kate Hliznitsova

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the fall season that makes me want to squeal with excitement and cozy up with a blanket and baked goods. As soon as the first day of autumn arrives, I start crossing my fingers for cooler weather, something that takes a little longer to arrive here in Southern California. An iced pumpkin spice latte usually satisfies my anticipation for a bit. The other day, I was wondering how else I could infuse my daily life with fall vibes while waiting for the weather to change, and then it hit me — a luxurious pumpkin sugar scrub! 

Floral & Beeswax Air Fresheners Recipe

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Floral & Beeswax Air Fresheners Recipe

Words: Kayla Haupt

This article by contributor, Kayla Haupt was originally published in Willow and Sage Spring 2017

Over a month ago, I purchased a bouquet that I was able to arrange myself at the farmers market in Iowa City. I chose some different stems that looked more like wildflowers, along with a giant sunflower, and the bouquet sat in the window for a little over two weeks. Once it began to wilt, I knew it was time for the garbage, which made me sad. I really wanted to preserve those flowers! It seemed like such a waste to set them in a vase and then throw them away. So, I saved the ones that were still decent looking (next time I’ll try to save them all) and pressed them into some heavy books between wax paper. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but then I thought that making a natural air freshener might be my best bet.

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