Who We Are

Willow and Sage: Homemade Bath & Body was released in 2014 by Stampington & Company. A 22-year-old arts and crafts publisher with over 30 newsstand titles in major bookstores and specialty shops. This upscale publication shares unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products.

Featuring refreshing new layout designs, hand-illustrated tips, and eye-catching infographics, Willow and Sage cleanly influfences the DIY bath and body market with creativity, education, and entertainment.

As a leader in the DIY bath and body industry, we define trends and present them before they become commonplace. In that regard, everything about our approach represents an eye toward the future.

Submit your bath and body recipe for publication consideration.

President & Publisher

Kellene Giloff

” “

Director of Publishing & Editor-in-Chief

Christen Hammons

“Favorite beauty secret: Get lots and lots of sleep!”

Art Manager/Lead Designer

Erika Bousema

“I can’t live without … Fresh lemon juice”

Director of Photography

Johanna Love

“Fave beauty secret: Slather in coconut oil and dive into the Pacific”

Assistant Photographer

Sara Wilkins

“Life’s a garden: DIG IT!”

Marketing Graphic Designer

Nadine Alvillar

“Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?”

Newsstand Consultant

Susan Harold

“The answer is 42.”

General Manager

Jonathan Giloff

” “

Advertising Account Executive

Carol Halesworth


Customer Service Manager

Alondra Marin

“Favorite scent: Lavender”

Operations Manager

Cheryl Kui

“I can’t live without … Kick boxing class”

Marketing Manager

Jordan Burnier

“Favorite beauty secret: Laughter”

Social Media Accounts Manager

Sarah Donawerth

“Tip: Save the last bits of each body wash to make a super scent!”

Marketing Copywriter

Katie Anderson

“I can’t live without … Red lipstick!”

Junior Designer / Web Designer

Ximena Mendoza

“[stares in japanese]”

Web Slinger

Luis Masia

” ♪…Does whatever a developer does…♪”

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